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The detail in this book is just beautiful. I was so involved in each scene, I felt like I was right there next to the Titans. This feeling is difficult to achieve, especially with the challenge of not only world building but also of describing war to someone who has never experienced it. The author did this with what seems like little effort, though I am sure it took him a long time to perfect it.

I received a free copy from Christi when he wrote me an email asking me to review the book. From the email alone I knew I was in for a treat. Christi has a gift in writing, and I hope more people discover his gift soon. Superb job, sir!

Lady with a Quill

It's fast paced and action-packed. I love that it doesn't try to be many things at once like many other stories. It contains gratuitous violence, without going too far, and complex characters that you immediately connect to and root for.

I highly recommend this to anyone who loves science fiction, fantasy and/or action-packed adventure stories.

Well done, Christi Smit!

KayeC Jones

Such a brilliant tale, the author manages to pull you in and make you see, sense and smell the worlds he created. I started reading it and finished within 2 days. Such a stunning environment, with strong characters to pull you in and make you fall in love with them all. I am happy that this is a series - I need to read it all.

To the Author: you are a wordsmith and I love your writing style, I will be the one that will have all your books in some format I shall be stalking you and asking yearly for the next one! Even if you start a whole new series I shall follow. It's not just the story that I loved, it's the writing style.

Angela Church

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