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Born in a field, appearing fully-grown and ready for the world. Always suspected that his parents were

extraterrestrials in human suits, but could never prove it.

He is horrible at promoting himself. He is also well aware of is an uncanny resemblance to a hairy turnip.
One of the first men to ever eat his way out of trouble, he is a lover of all things Science Fiction and would love to be abducted by aliens one day.

Although he dreads the idea of anal probing, he realizes that he might have to take one for the team to get out of the galaxy.

Can be found in his study, secretly drawing unicorns with his most favourite crayons.

“Who has my blue crayon?” can often be heard echoing throughout his humble home.

The Author wishes to thank:

Gerda Smit – Cover Designer and Loving Wife

Johnathan Smit – Concept Art

Marna Pietersen – Cover Design

Joshua Anderson – Website Designer and Beta Reader

Alex Easton – Beta Reader

Devan Freemantle – Beta Reader

Frank Burger – Logo Design

And to all of my friends and family for the mountains of positive comments and support.

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