Historians warned humankind how its eventual destruction would be at the hands of its own kind, but no-one ever heeded their fictional warnings. Those wise men and women would ultimately be proven wrong as humankind’s kingdom expanded beyond its natural borders. None of them could have ever fathomed the horror that waited for us in the darkness between the stars. We, the dominant race in the universe, never stopped to think if we should be conquering the unknown, plundering everything in our path as we pushed further and further away from our homeworld. Our arrogance would be our undoing, our ignorance the weapon used to strike where we least expected it.

Gamma Nine, the vessel of our doom, was the prison of an organism so hungry, so violent, that nothing could ever satisfy its insatiable appetite. In our arrogance we stumbled upon it, unwittingly allowing it to infect our bodies. It changed us, turning our own flesh against us. Nothing we possessed could stop the organism’s bloody advance through our star kingdom. We sacrificed millions to keep the monsters that lurked in the shadows away from our most precious possession – our future. We needed a new weapon to stand against the nightmare consuming us from within. We needed heroes to fight for our race’s survival. We needed Titans.

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